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Worship with us every Sunday @ 11am

at 490 South San Vicente, Los Angeles, CA 90048

visit www.goldenheartcenter.org for more info about workshops and events

Our Soul Healing Worship Service is your opportunity to find peace and tranquility, build a life of happiness and prosperity, manifest healing for yourself and your loved ones. If you are ready for positive changes in your life, or need to attract abundance and receive healing, please become a part of this incredible Service to experience a miracle God has in store for you!

The Plan

First of all, attend church services; this is where healthy homes start! If you have not read the recent book by Pastors Ted Stefan and Liza Glazer Mysteries of the Heart: A Roadmap to a Loving Relationship and a Happy Marriage, be sure to buy it. It is available to you on www.amazon.com in both e-book and paperback format. You are invited to attend our on campus meetings and/or join a small group where you can meet awesome people, make friends and get encouraged. Life with God is an incredibly satisfying adventure and in meeting you may find your challenges not to be unique and undoable! Let’s relate, laugh and stay in love!

Small Groups

“Life” at Golden Heart is happening all the time and you are invited to do it with us! We have a service every Sunday at 11 that will ROCK your soul, many opportunities to help and serve and the Golden Heart Connection to help you meet others and make new friends. Don’t do life alone! You have a friend at the Golden Heart waiting to meet you. e-mail for more information info@goldenheartcenter.org

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